Missouri Rice Council

Promoting rice through superior farming practices, extensive research and ongoing farm conservation efforts. Founded by farmers, for farmers.

What does the Missouri Rice Council do?

The Missouri Rice Council works in cooperation with Southeast Missouri State University and the University of Missouri to maintain and continue important research work at the farm.

Our farm has 110 acres of fine textured soil eminently suitable for rice production.

The farm utilizes state-of-the-art technology to further our efforts at learning new farming techniques to produce better, more efficient crops.

Why does the Missouri Rice Council Exist?

Rice is more than just food on the table. Rice is a lifestyle for many southeast Missouri farmers. We work hard to provide not only our area but the world with high quality rice and give our all to ensure that when someone says, “Rice from Missouri,” they know it’s the best around.

Through education efforts, university research and in-practice study, the Missouri Rice Council continues to work to ensure that legacy of quality and performance.

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Did you know?

Missouri ranks fourth overall in U.S. rice production, producing approximately 200,000 acres annually.

Rice is a staple food for more than half the world’s population. 85% of rice consumed is produced on family farms

Rice land supports more than 100 species of wildlife.